Saturday, December 11, 2010


So this blog is being read by any number of folks and I've received positive and negative feedback both directly and indirectly. I have a little housekeeping to do, so here goes:

Yesterday I incorrectly quoted a fee a region was charging for the three races in Lake Louise based upon input from another parent. The point I was making was not about the total cost, but about the way each group of us perceives cancellations. My apologies to the region in question, as I know they make every effort to keep costs down in this very expensive sport. I have since corrected the numbers.

I was likewise guilty this past week of putting in a direct quote which may have reflected poorly on a coach. I have changed the quote and will refrain from such in the future.

This blog is generally intended to serve as a source of information for those friends and family following Scott's progress during the season. I have also used it as a tool to explain the various aspects of ski racing, such as suits, points, netting, etc. The past two weeks have been a bit emotionally challenging and I've imprudently expressed some strong opinions with a parental bias. I will temper my comments in the future.

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