Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deja vu all over again...

We relocated to Park City today after a morning of slalom training at Snow King, WY (and a broken ski). We swung by the Atomic warehouse on Ogden enroute and they hooked Scott up with a new set of slalom skis. They'll have to be worked up, so for this week he'll use them as trainers.

We checked into the Park City Resort, a slopeside condo belonging to our dear friends Bob and Sue Rieve. What a great place with room for 10 people, all of the ammenities, underground parking, swimming pool, gym, and slopeside access. We can actually see the GS finish line from the living room! The Rieves made this place available to our team many times in the past for NASTAR Nationals. In fact, a team photo still graces the bedside table.

So I got nostalgic... I think Scott did too. He started retelling storeies of his escapdes with his team mates, etc. We have so many great memories from when the kids were young and coaching consisted of keeping them warm and moving.

Tonight, after schoolwork and ski tuning, Scott went ice skating in the rink (unstaffed after 7PM) in the courtyord in front of the building. He skated until 10:30PM and is now headed to bed. He trains on the race venue at 9AM, so I better head that way too.

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